Are You Ready For Your Close-up?

Monday 14 June 2010 @ 10:56 am

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And since you really don’t want to write (and nobody wants to read) a thousand-word resume, why not take advantage of the cool new Plenty of Jobs Resume/Video Intro feature? (We’re the only ones who have it, by the way…)

Lots of job seekers just post a resume or snail mail a paper version to prospective employers. And employers spend countless hours reading paper or on-line resumes. How much more fun would it be to view a video resume or introduction? In this tough job market, you want to take every opportunity to make yourself stand out (in a good way) from the crowd. And the Resume/Video Intro feature is just the tool you need.

It’s easy to do.

Create a one-minute video of yourself and save it on your computer. When you’re recording your video, remember that first impressions count. You may need to practice in front of a mirror before you record, or record several versions until you get one that you’re happy with.

A few tips:

• Look professional. This isn’t the time to try out those new false eyelashes or see how three-days growth of a beard looks on camera. Pretend that your potential employer is sitting on the other side of the camera. Wear appropriate clothing and professional-looking make-up.

• Act/sound professional. Your friends may think that your hair-twirling or eyelash-batting is cute, or that you would make a good stand-up comedian, but now’s not the time to test that out. You are auditioning for a professional job, not a spot at the Chuckle Hut.

• Have notes. Try and aim for a good blend of improvisational speaking and reading pertinent points from your resume. This can be a tough balance to achieve – don’t just sit in front of a camera and read your resume. You may want to talk about a few things that you don’t list on your resume, such as volunteer experiences or additional educational classes that you’ve taken.

• Be selective in what you ‘share.’ Treat this like a job interview. A potential employer will not be impressed that your hobby is collecting beer cans or that you take pole-dancing classes in your spare time.

• Avoid phrases such as “um,” “like,” and “you know.”

When you have recorded an appropriate one-minute clip to upload, go to your Plenty of Jobs account page. In the Control Panel on the left, click on “Resume/Video Intro.” Upload your clip from your computer. Since this is more of an introduction than an actual resume, be sure to upload your resume to your page first, so that potential employers can search for you by resume and then can view your video intro.

Good luck!