“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…” Ok, not so fast.

It seems like Summer just ended. But soon the holidays will be upon us – it’s a perfect time to start looking for some seasonal work. The most obvious field is retail, but you might also want to consider security and shipping.

Tory Johnson, Workplace Contributor for “Good Morning America,” says:

“Start now: Almost every employer I spoke with said they will begin interviewing in early to mid-October to make sure their seasonal staff is in place when they need them. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to pound the pavement. Now is your time.”

Tory outlines some successful strategies in her piece for “Good Morning America“:


One thing that Tory doesn’t mention, is the fact that, occasionally, seasonal work may turn to full-time after the holiday season is over. Keep that in mind if you score a seasonal job; prove to be a good employee and you could find yourself with a full-time gig after the last piece of wrapping paper is thrown away.

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