Choosing a Career: Consider Your Personal Priorities

Choosing a Career: Consider Your Personal Priorities

Author: Rachel Landry

When evaluating priorities in the context of a job search, many people stop at salary, job description, work conditions, etc. In other words, they focus on evaluating the things specifically related to the job itself. These are important things to consider but in the long run, there are many other things that determine your happiness at work.

To be truly happy, you have to love your job, but you also have to love your lifestyle. Too often, the work priorities force people to adapt their lifestyle in order to suit the requirements of a particular job. This can cause unnecessary sacrifices that could be avoided. If you have a family, finding the right career becomes even more important.

Identifying your personal priorities, as well as your professional ones, will help you craft out a role that really suits you, and compliments who you are.

Things to ask yourself:

- Where do I want to live? Determine for yourself how important location is to you and your family.

- How much do I want to work? Are you willing to work an undetermined amount of hours week to week, or do you need to have a fixed schedule?

- How much control do I want to have over my schedule? Some jobs allow you to set your own hours, while others require a very strict commitment to company needs.

- How much money do I want/need to earn? Ask yourself how important salary will be.

- Am I willing to travel extensively, or at all? This question alone will eliminate many possible jobs from your list of career choices.

- You can add your own questions to this list.

Only you know your own personal situation and you should be able to figure out exactly what you need to ask yourself.

Finding the Right Career has never been easier.

Don’t compromise your own personal priorities because you think you have to. Jobs come in may different forms in modern times. There is much more flexibility nowadays in terms of employees being able to set their own schedules and even choose their work locations.

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