How to Face an Interview – HR Round

How to Face an Interview – HR Round

Author: Nithin Mekhala

One of the most important rounds of an interview is the HR round. Listed below is a selection of the most common questions asked in an HR round:

Tell me about yourself.
Be ready with your brief introduction and keep it specific to your work experience. If you haven’t any previous work experience, about your ability to work.

How will your qualification help you in doing this job?
If your qualification is suitable to the job you’ve applied for, explain how your qualification helps you. In case your qualification doesn’t match with the job profile, be honest and speak about your interest in doing the job and skills you wish to acquire by doing it.

What do you know about our organization?
This question is bound to be asked, so be prepared. Go to the interview after you are done with your homework. Check out the company’s website for all details regarding its production, sales and profits.

Why do you wish to join our organization?
Talk about the company’s worth and prestige and also talk about its healthy work ambience which you desire to be a part of. Talk about the learning experience the company provides. Relate it to your long term career goals.

What is your expected salary/CTC?
If you are a fresher, tell them that you are okay with whatever pay is assigned to a fresher. If you have prior work experience, tell them you’d like to have a pay your experience commands. Don’t quote a figure. Instead, ask them to quote a range.

How have your strengths helped you in getting your work done?<
Start by mentioning your strengths. If you are a fresher, describe an instance from your college or university where you’ve accomplished a certain task, courtesy your strengths. In case you have worked previously, try to mention an event from this period where you have exhibited your strengths.

Where do you see yourself two years from now?
Say something like: “I see myself in a responsible position as a senior member of a team which works for the growth of the organization.” Whatever you say, make sure you emphasize on teamwork and growth of the organization.

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