Are You Ready For Your Close-up?

Monday 14 June 2010 @ 10:56 am

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And since you really don’t want to write (and nobody wants to read) a thousand-word resume, why not take advantage of the cool new Plenty of Jobs Resume/Video Intro feature? (We’re the only ones who have it, by the way…)

Lots of job seekers just post a resume or snail mail a paper version to prospective employers. And employers spend countless hours reading paper or on-line resumes. How much more fun would it be to view a video resume or introduction? In this tough job market, you want to take every opportunity to make yourself stand out (in a good way) from the crowd. And the Resume/Video Intro feature is just the tool you need.

It’s easy to do.

Create a one-minute video of yourself and save it on your computer. When you’re recording your video, remember that first impressions count. You may need to practice in front of a mirror before you record, or record several versions until you get one that you’re happy with.

A few tips:

• Look professional. This isn’t the time to try out those new false eyelashes or see how three-days growth of a beard looks on camera. Pretend that your potential employer is sitting on the other side of the camera. Wear appropriate clothing and professional-looking make-up.

• Act/sound professional. Your friends may think that your hair-twirling or eyelash-batting is cute, or that you would make a good stand-up comedian, but now’s not the time to test that out. You are auditioning for a professional job, not a spot at the Chuckle Hut.

• Have notes. Try and aim for a good blend of improvisational speaking and reading pertinent points from your resume. This can be a tough balance to achieve – don’t just sit in front of a camera and read your resume. You may want to talk about a few things that you don’t list on your resume, such as volunteer experiences or additional educational classes that you’ve taken.

• Be selective in what you ‘share.’ Treat this like a job interview. A potential employer will not be impressed that your hobby is collecting beer cans or that you take pole-dancing classes in your spare time.

• Avoid phrases such as “um,” “like,” and “you know.”

When you have recorded an appropriate one-minute clip to upload, go to your Plenty of Jobs account page. In the Control Panel on the left, click on “Resume/Video Intro.” Upload your clip from your computer. Since this is more of an introduction than an actual resume, be sure to upload your resume to your page first, so that potential employers can search for you by resume and then can view your video intro.

Good luck!

Job Hunting Over A Long Weekend (don’t make it a “lost” weekend…)

Friday 28 May 2010 @ 11:40 am

When you’re in the job-hunting mode, three-day weekends can sometimes signal a chance to let your guard down, an opportunity to let up on your planning. Don’t let a long weekend derail your job-hunting plans. Here are some ideas to keep you on track:

• Create a schedule to use over any three-day weekend or holiday timeframe. Make sure that you assign yourself at least one item to accomplish every day.

• Just because Monday is a holiday, don’t assume that no one’s in the office. Use part of the day to send out inquiry letters and resumes as usual. You may enjoy reduced competition and easier access to the decision-makers in charge of hiring.

• Use some downtime over a long weekend to take stock of your search. Look at what you’ve done so far (companies/people that you’ve contacted, researched you’ve conducted) and chart what you still want to accomplish.

• Holiday get-togethers are a great place to schmooze with family and friends (and friends of friends, etc.). You never know where your next job lead will come from. Don’t be rude or pushy, but have a few sentences prepared to be able to explain to people what kind of job you’re seeking and why you’re right for that job.

• If you currently have a job and are looking to change employment, use a three-day weekend as ‘time-out’ from your every day routine to do some planning on where you want to be, whether it’s staying at your current place of employment or a new locale.

• Take some time off to relax! Use part of the holiday weekend to take a ‘holiday’ from your search. Reward yourself for the things that you’ve accomplished so far.

Inbloguration Day. (Is TOO a word…)

Sunday 9 May 2010 @ 6:51 pm

Welcome to Plenty of Jobs! Thbacklink/a>
seo blog backlink/a>
seo written with you in mind. So backlink/a>
seo thbacklink/a>
seo site. Be sure to contact us with ideas, suggestions, problems, etc. We are here to help you.

You will notice that there may not, in fact, be ‘plenty’ of jobs here at first. That backlink/a>
seo changing every hour of every day. You will soon find lots of jobs to help in your career search. Keep an eye open for features that you won’t find on other sites. Candidate videos, chat rooms, forums… Be sure to upload a resume so that you can be in the database of ‘searchable’ candidates. Employers can’t find you if they can’t search for you!

We are excited about the group of Mentors that we’re assembling to help advbacklink/a>
seoe job seekers in many different aspects of the career process. If you yourself think that you have what it takes to be a Mentor, please let us know.

The Internet has become one of the most efficient avenues to use when job hunting. All you need are basic computer and Internet skills; for example how to use a search engine, how to send and receive e-mail, writing a basic application letter and how to attach files.

When implementing a job search, you need to do more than just find jobs.

You need to apply for them. Keeping a standard cover letter ready, that can be individualized for each job that you apply for, backlink/a>
seo a time-saver.

It backlink/a>
seo a must that you keep your job search organized. Make sure that you keep good notes regarding what positions you applied for, with what companies and on what dates. There are few things that might sink your chances faster than a Human Resources department getting two different cover letters/resumes from you on two different moliva some time to research the companies with which you’re applying. Vbacklink/a>
seoit their Web sites and find out as much as you can about them. An online search can be helpful in finding out facts that they may not have posted on their own Web site. See if they have a Facebook page. More and more companies are taking advantage of social media outlets. Having pertinent facts about a company can be invaluable when you are creating a cover letter to them, or later when you have an in-person interview.

So that’s all for now. We’ll be back later with more. We could lie and say that thbacklink/a>
seo will be fun. Looking for a job backlink/a>
seo usually not fun – you’ve lost your job or you dbacklink/a>
seolike the job that you’re currently in and trying to find a new one that you will like better. In any case, while the job hunt might not be ‘fun,’ we hope that Plenty of Jobs backlink/a>
seo helpful, educational and entertaining. Good luck and welcome!

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